Inmate Escapes, Accidentally Hitches Ride with Officer
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Imagine the elation of this inmate who was able to escape and finally prison AND was able to flagdown a person to hitch a ride from, what luck! However, it was short-lived when he realized he was hitchhiking with a police officer!

Allen Lewis, 31, had completed his initial sentence in a local Detention Center and was being transferred to temporary housing before his official release. During the transfer, however, Lewis complained that his handcuffs were hurting him, so the transfer officer stopped the vehicle to fix the his handcuffs.

However, once one of the cuffs were released, Lewis began a major brawl, which ended with him fleeing on foot and the transfer officer being left behind.

Police began searching the wooded areas extensively but continued to come up empty handed. They even had a dog with them, attempting to track him so they could get him back in custody. But his scent was nowhere to be found.

Turns out, he made it further than they thought he would in a short amount of time, and he was able to start hitchhiking. A car finally stopped to check in on the man’s well-being, but Lewis had no idea that he was about to be recaptured! The kind-hearted person giving this poor man a ride ended up being a local college security officer, who quickly noticed that the handcuffs were hanging off of one of Lewis’s wrists.

Lewis was taken back to jail and instead of being extremely close to being released, he’ll now be facing charges for escaping. He went right back to square one!    

Original article and Image Credit: Jail Escapee Flags Ride… From Officer

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