Husband Arrested After Trying to Electrocute Pregnant Wife

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Florida resident, Michael Wilson, 32, rigged the front door of his home with wiring attached to a car battery charger, in the hope of electrocuting his pregnant wife. The ploy, which could have easily led to her death, was to have her insert the house key, grab the handle, which would have sent a jolt of electricity through her arm, chest and ultimately, her heart. Sick!

Fortunately, it never played out that way and she never took hold of the door knob. Her stepfather, Jon Flositz, actually became suspicious of her husband after she told her stepfather that Wilson had warned her not to let a child touch it. What about his unborn child?! Flositz went over to the house to examine the doorknob and found the word “Hi” and a drawing of two eyes in lipstick on the back sliding door. Now things were getting creepy.

Flositz called the cops and when the police showed up, they found the front door had been barricaded and locked. Burn marks were seen near the door’s handle and a kick to the door sent off a large spark.

On the other side, Wilson rigged an elaborate system consisting of two chairs, a high chair, blue tape, a shower rod, electrical cords, wiring and a car battery charger with clamps.

Steven Bray, a journeyman lineman from Florida Power & Light was shown several photographs of what the police declared a “booby trap” and he said that if someone would have touched the door lock and handle at the same time, they would have received a jolt of some 120 volts and 1 amp, enough power that the person had an 80-100% chance of “suffering death or great bodily harm.”

Wilson was charged with two counts of attempted aggravated battery on a pregnant person and one count of grand theft of a firearm.

In addition, cops found pictures of a sonogram on the kitchen table, sticky-note love letters in the bedroom with a photo album of Wilson and his wife together, and the wife’s recently-installed smart cameras dumped in the toilet. So strange!

Wilson’s wife, the intended victim, was interviewed and said that a few months ago her husband fell, but refused to seek medical treatment. Up until that point, Wilson seemed like a totally normal person. He was later hospitalized under Florida’s Baker Act, which allows for someone to be involuntarily taken into custody for mental evaluation. The wife obtained a gun from her stepfather, which she hid in a kitchen cabinet. She also installed two smart cameras that sent video feeds to her phone. Wouldn’t you think at that point, for your safety and your unborn child’s, that you’d just leave instead of putting yourself in harm’s way?

Before the event where the cops were called, the wife had received an alert on her phone that the smart cameras in her home had been disconnected. He also was asking where the firearm and cameras were and advised her “to use the front door because the garage door isn’t going to be open.” That’s when the wife’s stepfather thought he better check the home himself and discovered the sick plan.

Wilson was arrested and was held on $150,000 bail. A Facebook page belonging to Wilson shows him gripping two handguns and boasted that he “is the guy your father warned you about.” It also listed him as widowed.

Original article: Palm Coast Man Rigs Door To Electrocute Pregnant Wife

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