Here is What NOT to do When You Miss Your Flight
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It’s amazing what some people seem to think is acceptable behavior! A man in his twenties was recently arrested for chasing a plane at the Dublin Airport that he had missed… down the runway!

The man was held by the police after pursuing the Ryanair plane straight across the tarmac. Did he really think the plane was going to stop and just open up their pressurized cabin for him?

Evidently, the man tried to reason with people at the gate to have the plane turn around and when the desk employees were firm that it was simply too late, he broke through the door and began running towards the plane.

A witness said he could hear the man running after the plane and shouting “WAIT!” as the plane continued to taxi to the runways.

“He was banging on the window to try to get the aircraft to wait and he then broke through a door and made his way onto the tarmac, trying to flag down the aircraft.”

He eventually was tackled to the ground by airport staff and the plane did, indeed, stop momentarily. But just to double check that there was no security threat.

The gentleman was obviously arrested and taken to the airport police station, where he was handed over to the authorities.

The man was taken in for questioning, but no word if charges were filed and if he was allowed to fly later in the day to get to Amsterdam. Sounds like a scene straight out of Liar Liar!

Original article: Ryanair Passenger Arrested For Chasing Plante At Dublin Airport After Missing Flight

image credit: pixabay

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