Grinchy Man Telling Kids Santa’s Not Real at Church Arrested
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This is one way to get yourself in trouble with everyone around you during the holiday season, including the police!

A church was holding a “Breakfast with Santa” event when Aaron Urbanski, 31, was protesting outside of the church. He was yelling to the children around him that Santa Claus is not real! What a grinch!

Church officials asked Urbanski, along with two other men protesting, to leave the church multiple times, but Urbanski refused and “continued to cause a disturbance.”

Soon, the police were called and Urbanski was arrested on a charge of trespassing and was booked into the local jail. No bond was immediately set.

One mother, who is a member of the church, said that two of the men were holding signs and confronted her on the way in. They said, “Do you let your kids believe in a fake Santa or do they know who Jesus is?”

She asked the men to not ruin Santa and Christmas for her children, but they continued to shout out that Santa wasn’t real and that she was going to go to hell for teaching them that. Clearly, that didn’t sit well with this mom! “I got really verbal with them over it,” she stated.

The mayor of the city planned to increase security for the Christmas parade that was planned later in the weekend, just in case there were additional protests.

“Are you kidding me – Protesting Santa?” the Mayor wrote on his Facebook page. “While I understand folks’ right to protest, we love Santa and those protestors who were naughty and broke the law when they trespassed were arrested promptly. We guess they wanted coal in their stockings to go with a court appearance.”

Original article and Image Credit: Man Protesting Santa Claus Arrested for Trespassing at Church After Telling Children He’s ‘Not Real’

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