Grandma Slips Past Security at Airport, Flies From Chicago to London

Grandmas do the darndest things… A 66-year-old woman in Grayslake had a bit of a history of attempting to sneak onto airline flights and she managed to do it again recently from O’Hare International Airport to London!

Marilyn Hartman boarded the flight on Sunday without a ticket and made it all the way to London!

She managed to slip by a distracted TSA agent at the terminal and somehow managed to make it to the international terminal, as well. She slipped past a busy gate agent and easily boarded a British Airways flight to London. That’s one slippery grandma!

Security actually showed Hartman wandering around the airport for two days without ever being questioned.

Once she made it onto the plane to London, she hid out in a bathroom before eventually walking out and finding an empty seat. However, when she couldn’t produce a passport once they arrived in London, officials sent her back to Chicago, where she was immediately taken into custody.

Hartman was charged with one misdemeanor count of criminal trespass and one felony count of theft greater than $500.

She has been arrested several times on trespassing charges for trying to sneak onto planes at O’Hare and Midway, including trying to board a plane at Midway in Chicago without a ticket in July 2015, a mere 24 hours after being released from jail on the same charge.

She just really wants to see the world, we guess!

Original article: Serial Stowaway Slips Past O’Hare Security, Flies to London
Image Copyright: cheschhh / 123RF Stock Photo