Game Collector Finds Narcotics Stuffed in Retro Nintendo Games

A collector recently bought a chunk of retro Nintendo games at a flea market, but got way more than he bargained for!

Julian Turner posted a video to YouTube which shows him checking out his flea market haul, which included multiple Nintendo games from the 1980s.

As he was inspecting them, however, he noticed that a couple of the games weighed quite a bit more than he expected them to. Imagine his surprise when he opened the cartridges and found some unexpected shiny packages stuffed the inside of the games!

Police opened an investigation into the discovery and were quick to point out that it appeared that the packages of drugs had been inside the cartridges for a very long time and likely wasn’t any type of current drug circle misadventures.

In a funny coincidence, Turner said that when he was researching his unusual discovery, he saw that a different collector purchased an old Nintendo game years ago and found $5,000 stashed into the cartridge from 1985!

I guess you just never know what you’ll find at a flea market!

Original article: Collector Finds Drugs Hidden Inside Nintendo Games

image credit via youtube