Florida Men Tried to Steal a Huge Utility Pole After Hurricane Irma

We all heard about the unfortunate looting that happened after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. But these two Florida men may have taken the cake after Hurricane Irma.

Cops arrested two men for attempting to steal… a utility pole! They strapped it to the top of their SUV and were just about ready to leave when the police stopped them to see just exactly what they were doing. It figures they never did give a good answer for wanting to strap this pole to the roof of their vehicle!

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office posted about the incident on Facebook, which quickly got shared by hundreds of users!

The police did confirm the attempted robbery, but weren’t quite sure what the men would be charged with right away.

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Original Post: These Florida Men Tried to Steal a Huge Utility Pole

Image Credit: Facebook – Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office