Florida Mayor Accused of Playing Doctor Without a License; Fired Shots at SWAT

The Mayor of this Florida town wasn’t going down without a fight! When SWAT officers attempted to serve him a search warrant at his home recently, he fired on them as they entered the residence!

Dale Massad, 68, is also the Mayor of Port Richey. We are thinking he may not last long in that role, though, because he’s just been arrested on charges of practicing medicine without a license! He will also be charged with attempted homicide. How did things go so wrong?!

Massad had been under investigation for practicing medicine without a license and in fact, hadn’t been a doctor for over 26 years! Authorities were on the move in the early morning hours to serve a search warrant to him around 4:30 a.m., but Massad saw what was coming.

“With a search warrant, we profile people’s lives, we look at their pattern of life,” the police said. “The suspect is a known drug user, has multiple weapons in his house, which was prevalent in what happened. The suspect has made statements that he doesn’t want to go back to jail and has a previous history of violence. That is who we are dealing with here.”

When the SWAT team approached the home and announced their presence, they saw Massad holding a gun. Massad than fired two rounds at deputies, who then decided to surround the house. Others inside the home came out, but Massad wasn’t going down without a fight and remained inside. The police were just attempting to use gas to get him out when he finally surrendered.

Evidently, Massad was a licensed doctor from 1977 until 1992, but then voluntarily surrendered his license after the Board of Medicine found that errors in his care led to the death of a 3-year-old patient in 1990.

Massad wasn’t quite ready to quit medicine, though. He had patients come to his home for various treatments. He also performed medical procedures at his home, but one such procedure actually led to additional hospital treatment for a patient, as it wasn’t done correctly.   

Because of this, he has finally been arrested and will be facing serious jail time in the future.

What we want to know, though, is how in the world did this guy become Mayor?! Only in Florida…

Original article and Image Credit: Florida Mayor Accused of Playing Doctor Without a License Fired Shots at SWAT