Florida Man Steals Laxatives, Thinking They Were Opioids
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When you think you’re stealing a powerful opioid, only to find it was laxatives, it makes for an awkward day!

That’s what recently happened to Peter Hans Emery, Jr., 56, who was in for quite the rude awakening. He was arrested after police say he stole pills that were labeled as Hydrocodone Acetaminophen. However, Emery quickly learned were actually laxatives… you know… the kind that promise “gentle, dependable overnight relief.”

So who got him into this mess to begin with? Well techinically this was his own fault, but the pills belonged to his roommate, Jayme Ream. Ream decided to set him up when he suspected Emery was stealing his pills. So, he bought a camera and switched the laxatives and opioids to see what would happen.

Sure enough, Emery was soon busted! Not only that, but he was actually caught opening up a lockbox at the home that Ream put the pills in!

“I couldn’t believe how quick he got in. He just basically, from the video, walked in, had the code and took the pills,” Ream told reporters.

The arrest warrant showed how the home video caught Emery opening up the lockbox and taking two pills from the mislabeled pillbox, then leaving.

After his arrest, Emery quickly admitted to stealing the pills, but he claims he threw them away when he learned it wasn’t what he thought it was. DARN!

Emery now faces charges of felony petty theft, after being found guilty of theft back in 2014 and 2015, as well.

We’re really just curious, though, if he actually realized the pills were laxatives and threw them away, as he claimed, or if he found out the hard way!   

Original article and Image Credit: This Florida Man Stole Laxatives – Because He Thought They Were Opiods 

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