Florida Fisherman Hooks 60 Pounds of Cocaine
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This poor Florida fisherman thought he made the catch of his life, only to find out it was a massive package full of cocaine! Talk about making a different kind of score!

Said fisherman headed out to sea and was getting ready to start his adventure by Islamorada, Florida in the Florida Keys. He noticed something in the distance and thought maybe he was going to score a big find. He definitely did, but not was he was expecting!

After using his fishing pole and net to reel in what he saw, he opened a plastic-wrapped package and found between 40-60 pounds of suspected cocaine.

When the man finally “caught” his big find, he ripped open the outside plastic to find a white powder inside. He noticed that the package contained 25 smaller packages that were wrapped in clear plastic, as well.  

We’re betting someone is really unhappy with what they lost, though!

The fisherman immediately contacted the U.S. Coast Guard, who is working with the local Sheriff’s Office on investigating the incident.

The cocaine has since been turned over to federal authorities and the origin of where it came from remains under investigation.

At least he has a good story to tell, even if it didn’t involve a 60 pound fish!  

Original article: Florida Fisherman Finds Nearly 60 Pounds of Cocaine Floating at Sea

Image Credit: Pixabay.com

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