Firefighters Deal With Stoned Pet Raccoon at Fire Station

Imagine these firefighters’ surprise when they opened up their station door to find a frantic woman, desperate for help because her pet raccoon was stoned off too much weed.

Evidently, the raccoon had been exposed to “too much” of someone else’s marijuana, and its owners were concerned that it was going to overdose. Not knowing what else to do, they clearly thought that taking it to the fire station was their best option!

While the raccoon was very lethargic, there wasn’t really much the firefighters could do. They simply decided time was the best course of action to wait for it to feel back to normal.

The firefighters were pretty intrigued by this one-of-a-kind request and pretty soon the radio chatter had local law enforcement baffled, as well. Mainly, they were trying to figure out if marijuana was, in fact, the culprit!

One was saying meth, while another clarified they thought it was heroin. In response to the heroin confirmation, the firehouse and local law enforcement had a little fun on the radio:

Officer 1: “I’m sitting at the firehouse. No pet raccoons are overdosing here.”
Officer 2: “Well, if they show up, you Narcan him.” (Narcan is used to revive people who have overdosed on heroin).
Officer 1: “Way too weird. I’m leaving.”
Officer 2: “10-4”

In the end, the raccoon’s owners took him home to sleep off his big day.

“We hope that everything worked out with the raccoon,” the cops said. “We’d be sad to hear that it didn’t.”

Hopefully this little raccoon got some pet friendly munchies after he took a nice long nap.

Original article: Pet Raccoon, Stoned Off Too Much Weed Brought to Indianapolis Firehouse. Confusion Ensues

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