Elderly Couple Claims 60 Pounds of Pot Was For Christmas Presents
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What did you get for Christmas this year from Grandma and Grandpa? Marijuana? Well, not if it was from this elderly Nebraska couple who had their stash confiscated and then arrested!

The couple was busted with 60 pounds of marijuana in their truck, which they claimed were meant to be Christmas presents. That is quite a unique present!

The couple was arrested after they were stopped for a routine traffic violation and the cops found the bags of pot in the car, driven by an 80-year-old man and his 83-year old wife. Turns out they were driving from California all the way across the country to Vermont!

Authorities estimate the street value of what they were traveling with is about $336,000. They are now being held in jail on suspicion of felony drug charges.

That must have been an interesting Christmas dinner for the rest of the family!

Original article: Elderly Couple Says 60 Pounds of Pot Was for Presents

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