Drunk Girls Call Cops For Safe Ride Home

These girls tried to do the right thing when they realized that they were much too drunk to drive themselves home. They called the cops for a ride!

Unfortunately for the girls, when the state police arrived at their location, they realized that they were going to be assisting underage girls, who were 17 and 16-years-old.

The 17-year-old knew she might get in a little trouble for being underage, so she even tried to give the cops a false name. The cops got the girls to cave, though, and eventually they did take the two girls home.

They also sent them home with tickets for underage consumption of alcohol, along with the 17-year-old being charged with providing a false identification to law enforcement. At least they got home safely!

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Original article: Intoxicated Girls Called Troopers For A Ride Home, State Police Say

Image Credit: Shutterstock


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