Drunk Driving Suspect Crashes, Tries to Hide in Nativity Scene

This drunk driver definitely didn’t belong with the wise men when he tried to hide from the cops… in a local church’s nativity scene!

After the car he was driving crashed, he was desperate to hide from the police and sought refuge among the bales of hay and the baby Jesus (which is personally our favorite Jesus), which was about 200 feet from where he had his accident in a Mini Cooper.

It didn’t take long for the cops to locate him, though, and they arrested him right away without incident. But even they couldn’t resist posting a picture of this suspect’s bad fortune, which sparked a flurry of humorous comments on social media!

One said “obviously not one of the wise men”, while another said “even baby Jesus couldn’t save him”. Looks like this guy got what he deserved! Don’t let this be you over this holiday season!

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Original article: “Drunk Driver” Hides From Police in Nativity Scene

Image Credit: www.telegraph.co.uk


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