Drunk Driver Hands Cop Coupons Instead of License

This officer got more than he bargained for when he pulled over a truck he was following, after watching it continuously sway in traffic. The police officer also watched the vehicle sit at a stop sign for almost 15 seconds, even though nobody was there. But the officer had enough when the vehicle entered a left turn only lane, only to  suddenly swerve across all lanes of traffic and turn right, while running over the median.

When the cop got to the window of the driver, he asked him where he was coming from. The driver’s response? “That Way.” When that didn’t fly, he said he was coming from and going to the same place. This guy had no clue where he was going and it was clear the cop wasn’t going to get too far with him.

It was about that time the officer realized the man had vomited all over himself in the truck. When he told the man, the driver had no idea and didn’t even seem phased in the least!

The cop asked for the man’s license, registration and proof of insurance, but this was obviously going to be too much for this drunk guy to handle! He did eventually get something out to hand over to the officer, but it was a Ruby Tuesday’s coupon, which he claimed was his driver’s license.

Shockingly, the driver failed a field sobriety test. He also consented to a breath test, where he blew a 0.219 and 0.205, respectively. Yup… VERY drunk!

He was immediately arrested for DUI. We wonder what happened to that Ruby Tuesday’s coupon…

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Original article: Officer Asks for Driver’s License, Is Given Ruby Tuesday’s Coupon

Image Credit: FatWallet.com


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