Driver Uses Chicken Wing Receipt in Attempt to Avoid Toll
13 Jan, 2019. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin

Some people… we can’t even make this stuff up!

A police officer was on duty when he noticed a car that had a license plate that was partially covered. He was working in an area where people frequently attempt to cover their license plates, in an effort to avoid tolls that need to be paid when crossing a local bridge, so he wasn’t too surprised when he saw this.

He moved into action and pulled over the Ford Mustang. But what he discovered next was definitely a first for him! The driver had used a receipt from his lunch, which consisted of a pound of Teriyaki Chicken Wings he had bought at a grocery store to cover his license plate! He had ripped the receipt in half and used it to cover two digits of both the front and rear plate.

The driver was cited for having an obstructed license plate, but the police officer also discovered that the driver was driving on a suspended license! He was also given a ticket for that offense.

Who would cover their license plate when driving with a suspended license? They are just asking for trouble! The car was impounded and the man was taken to the local police department for processing. No wings in this guy’s near future!

Original article and Image Credit: CHP Facebook Page

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