Driver Crashed Car While Trying to Avoid Octopus

You often hear of drivers crashing their cars because they attempted to avoid hitting an animal. But usually that animal is a deer. Or a raccoon. Maybe even a cow! But this driver swerved to “avoid an octopus” in England recently before crashing and the cops just aren’t buying it!

Police were called to the scene of an accident where they found a vehicle upside-down in the ditch. They found a man, 49, who was clearly under the influence of something, but he swore he swerved to avoid hitting an octopus that he saw in the road.

The officers, however, found no evidence of an octopus in the road and ended up causing a little fun with the incident later on Twitter with the general public. Of course, they arrested the gentlemen on suspicion of driving while unfit through drugs or drink!

Surprisingly, octopuses aren’t unheard of in the area, but this particular accident would have required an octopus to crawl more than 3 miles over hills and fields to have found its way to this particular roadway. And that clearly didn’t happen.

The man has been released under investigation pending further notice, and Twitter had a field day, though the police were quick to point out that it was a serious matter. But hey… avoiding an octopus in the middle of a road? That is quite an excuse!

Original article: Crash Driver ‘Swerved To Avoid Octopus’

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