Driver Arrested After Crashing Truck While Having Sex and High on Meth
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Talk about going for a wild ride! A truck driver recently was arrested at the JFK Airport on Saturday for crashing his vehicle. But the cops definitely got more than they bargained for when they went in for the arrest.

Aside from the crash, the driver was having sex, while driving, and high on crystal meth and made a run for it on foot.

Stephen Walker, 38, told the cops that he was “caught in the act” with another man in the back of his box truck by the man’s ex-boyfriend. Walker became startled because of it, and crashed his four-door sedan.

“I crashed because we were having sex,” Walker admitted.

Walker wasn’t wearing any pants when he was taken into custody. The cops found him hiding in a horse stable at JFK’s animal-screening facility. He was at the airport because he was dropping off freight.

Walker was arraigned on grand larceny, reckless endangerment, impaired driving and other charges. His bail bonds were set at $5,000.

It’s still not known whether Walker’s lover or the jealous ex were spoken with during the ordeal, but neither were arrested during the altercation.

Original article: Truck Driver Arrested naked for ‘crashing his vehicle while having sex and high on meth’

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