Don’t Google “How To Rob A Bank” If You’re Planning to Rob A Bank

This guy meant business when it came to trying to rob a bank! He went all the way to Panama City, Florida, from New Orleans, Louisiana, with the sole intent of robbing a bank. That’s dedication!

James Alexander decided heading over to Panama City would be a good idea when it came time to put his bank robbing plan into motion. Mainly because he thought it would be crawling with spring breakers and would be harder to track him.

One thing he didn’t think about, though? Not leaving a trail on his computer by Googling the phrase “how to rob a bank.” Really?

Once Alexander got to Panama City from the Greyhound bus, he took a cab to a bank close by and told the cab to wait for him. Of course, the cabbie had no idea that he was waiting for his customer to rob a bank! Alexander left the bank and had his cab driver take him back to the bus station, where he was quickly captured.

Alexander was in the process of buying a bus ticket back to New Orleans when he was arrested. Looks like he’ll be getting the opportunity to spend a little more time in the sunshine state for the foreseeable future.

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Original article: Alleged Bank Robber Googles “How To Rob A Bank”

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