Daring Suspect Hops Fence, Steals Police SUV

Talk about taking a chance! Police in this community have been on the lookout for a black and white Chevy Tahoe… which happens to be one of the police SUV’s. Not only that, but it had a police rifle inside! 

Some daring car thief decided to jump a fence at the police parking lot and steal the 2012 SUV. They smashed right through the metal fence blocking the entrance and sped away.

While the cops did confirm that there was a loaded rifle inside the Tahoe, they claim that unless the thief knew specific information, they would not have been able to access and use the gun. Evidently it is secured within the Tahoe to prevent unwanted shootings.

Police still haven’t been able to locate the SUV and continue to be on the lookout. There are surveillance cameras surrounding the parking lot and are hopeful to find their crook soon.

What a scary situation to have someone running loose in your community with a loaded police rifle and an SUV that a normal person would think was the police! Hopefully they find this person soon.

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Original article: Auburn Police SUV Stolen From Parking Lot, Rifle Inside

Image Credit: Auburn Police Twitter


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