Dad Accused of Faking Burglary to Cover Up Money Stolen from Girl Scout Cookies
9 Apr, 2019. 0 Comments. bail bond blog. Posted By: admin

When you’re stealing from your daughter’s Girl Scout Cookie fund, you know things have gotten bad! That’s what happened to this dad recently, and now he’s paying the price!

Brian Couture, 40, pleaded not guilty to charges of initiating a false report, along with improper use of an emergency reporting system. He allegedly faked a burglary to cover up the money he stole from his daughter’s Girl Scout Cookie sales! Dad of the year here folks!

Couture called the cops to report that someone had gotten into his house through a sliding glass door, which led to a struggle. When the police arrived, he was found unresponsive and immediately taken to the hospital. However, the police couldn’t locate a suspect and had immediate concerns about the incident actually being legit.

Couture eventually admitted that he had staged the entire thing in order to hide the fact that he stole around $470 himself from the non-profit organization. We’re not quite sure why he’s pleading not guilty, especially since he admitted what he did! Guess that’s just how the cookie crumbles…

Original article and Image Credit: Forest Grove Man Accused of Faking Burglary to Cover Up Money Stolen from Girl Scout Cookies

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