Cops: Smuggler Caught Using Fake Border Patrol SUV

Want to help smuggle undocumented immigrants into the country? Just make a fake Border Patrol SUV to trick Border Patrol Agents at state lines! That’s commitment!

Real Border Patrol Agents recently busted a guy who was trying to bring illegal immigrants into the country. They found twelve undocumented workers crammed into the back of a lookalike SUV.

“To a casual observer, the cloned vehicle appeared to be a law enforcement vehicle conducting official business, but to the observant Border Patrol Agent, something was not quite right,” the agency stated. That’s some good work!

Texas agents stopped the suspicious SUV in Laredo while patrolling the border city. They noticed there were numerous people piled into the backseat, which turned out to be the 12 immigrants. The driver was immediately arrested and further investigation is ongoing.

This smuggler resorted to some desperate measures, but in the end, the Border Patrol wasn’t having it. Good job, guys!

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Original article: Real Border Agents Find 12 Undocumented Immigrants Crammed Inside Fake Border Patrol SUV

Image Credit: U.S. Customs and Border Protection


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