Cops Capture Terrorizing Turkey
19 Nov, 2018. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin

This turkey should probably think about laying low, considering Thanksgiving is here, but instead, he’s out causing all kinds of trouble and terrorizing a neighborhood in Idaho!

The loose turkey was spotted in the neighborhood and police were called to try and find its owner. The police took to Facebook to try to find out where it belonged, asking the public that if they were missing a Turkey, to come and get it! It took them over an hour to capture the troublesome bird!

Right now, the turkey is being kept at a local petting zoo until the owner can be found. However, they aren’t going to make it easy for this owner. They had some specific instructions to follow once they claimed the bird:

“You must say ‘gobble gobble’ when they answer the phone… or you can message us directly on our Facebook page. In which case, you’ll have to do an embarrassing dance to get your bird back,” the Facebook post said.

At least they have a sense of humor!

Original article and Image Credit: Say What?!: Idaho Police Capture Loose Turkey ‘Terrorizing’ Neighborhood

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