Apr 18
Typical Day at Walmart: Woman Performs Karate, Son Gets Naked, Dog Steals Food
18 Apr, 2019. 0 Comments. bail bond blog. Posted By: admin
Just your typical day at Walmart when chaos errupted on a Wisconsin Walmart store Wednesday night after a karate-performing mother, her naked son, and their belligerent dog shoplifted and ran amuck in the store. The Eau Claire Police Department said on social media that the officers responded to a call that a woman, Lisa Smith, 46, and her dog “Bo” shoplifted items from the store. The woman’s son, 26-year-old Benny Vann, was causing chaos in the store as well. Apparently, Smith came into the shop and let Bo run off towards customers while the woman was pulling apart displays in…
Apr 11
Ohio Couple Arrested for Having Sex on Ferris Wheel
11 Apr, 2019. 0 Comments. bail bond blog. Posted By: admin
A man and his girlfriend had quite the wild ride on a Ferris wheel in downtown Cincinnati, recently! They also gave quite a few people, including the kids at the park, quite a show! Police say the couple was caught having sex 150 feet above the ground, in front of children and others who were around them up in the sky. Michael Mathiesen, 30, and Lauren Wilder, 31, were drunk at the time and were immediately arrested once they got to the bottom of the ride. A reporter who happened to be there actually caught part of the arrest slip…
Apr 9
Dad Accused of Faking Burglary to Cover Up Money Stolen from Girl Scout Cookies
9 Apr, 2019. 0 Comments. bail bond blog. Posted By: admin
When you’re stealing from your daughter’s Girl Scout Cookie fund, you know things have gotten bad! That’s what happened to this dad recently, and now he’s paying the price! Brian Couture, 40, pleaded not guilty to charges of initiating a false report, along with improper use of an emergency reporting system. He allegedly faked a burglary to cover up the money he stole from his daughter’s Girl Scout Cookie sales! Dad of the year here folks! Couture called the cops to report that someone had gotten into his house through a sliding glass door, which led to a struggle. When…
Sep 27
Woman Demands Drinks From Cockpit, Flight Turns Back to Texas
27 Sep, 2017. 0 Comments. bail bond blog. Posted By: admin
Passengers aboard a flight to L.A. from Dallas didn’t quite make their destination, after a woman went up to the cockpit demanding booze… twice! After the second time, the flight ended up returning to Dallas to have the woman handled appropriately. Suzette Gordon boarded the plane already a little tipsy and was “displaying various signs of intoxication” according to the police. She ordered an alcoholic drink as the plane departed, but the flight attendants refused her. Soon, she left her seat and began knocking on the cockpit door! Maybe she thought it was a small door to the bar? When…