Cardboard License Plate Doesn’t Fool NY Cops

Hand-crafting a license plate out of cardboard probably isn’t going to fool a cop if they pull you over for a traffic stop. Especially when it’s the actual REASON they pull you over!

Amanda Schweickert, 28, is facing several charges in New York when an officer noticed that her license plate looked a little…. off. Turns out it was a fake and made out of cardboard!

Ms. Schweickert created the license plate out of cardboard, then attempted to paint it to look just like a legit New York plate. It didn’t quite pass muster, though, and was glaringly obvious when the cop pulled her over.

She has now been charged with a felony count of possessing a forged instrument, a misdemeanor count of operating a vehicle with a suspended registration and three vehicle and traffic infractions. Oops! She is being held in the local holding center, in lieu of $400 bail.  

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Original article: Woman Accused of Crafting Her Own License Plate

Image Credit: Erie County Sheriff’s Office via AP


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