Car Pool Lane Finds Interesting Passenger on Traffic Cam

One Washington man was definitely in the Halloween spirit recently when he tried to use a toy baby as a passenger in his vehicle when going through the HOV lane. But it wasn’t just any baby, it was a zombie baby!

When it was discovered that he didn’t have a real, live passenger in his vehicle, a State Trooper pulled him over and was required to give him a $136 ticket for violating the HOV lane requirements. But, not before getting a picture alongside of the car with the offending zombie baby! The trooper had a bit of fun with it on Twitter by tweeting out the picture.

Don’t worry, though… the police weren’t completely unreasonable. They let the man go, even though he didn’t have a car seat for his zombie baby. How nice of them!

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Original article: Guy with Zombie Baby as Passenger Gets $136 Ticket

Image Credit: Washington State Police via Twitter

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