Burglary Suspect’s Downfall: His Red Boxers

Note to all burglars out there… if you’re going to rob someone, PULL YOUR PANTS UP!

This burglar was taken down partially because of the red underwear he was wearing! Taykim Ross, 18, stole $200 in electronics and Air Jordan sneakers from two different apartments. One would think he would run for his life… However, he decided to stay in the backyard and try on his “new” shoes! Another neighbor got a good look at him and took a picture of him, showing off his prominent red boxers, and then called the police.

Later, a cop was driving through the neighborhood when he noticed the bright red underwear for all to see… halfway down his butt. In a funny twist of humor, Ross was actually doing a good deed when he was arrested. He was outside taking out the trash for an elderly neighbor!

Luckily, all of the stolen goods were recovered and Ross is awaiting trial.

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Original article & image credit: Burglary Suspect’s Red Underwear helps flag him in the end, cops say


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