Burglar Gets Car Ride From Unsuspecting Victim
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This burglar got nice and comfy after breaking into a house recently. He had a bite to eat, watched some TV and even got a car ride from the unsuspecting home owner when he was ready to head out!

Derek Tarbox, 35, took a shower and got dressed in the homeowner’s clothing and was watching TV when the homeowner arrived back at their house. While the homeowner was initially surprised to see someone there, Tarbox explained away the intrusion by saying he mistakenly thought the house belonged to a friend. He even asked the homeowner for a ride to a relative’s home!

Initially, the homeowner thought that the burglar seemed legit, so he drove him to the house he requested. But when he got back home, he realized that his home had been ransacked and called the cops.

Tarbox was later found and arrested. He was due to be arraigned on burglary and other charges the following day. We still just can’t believe that he was able to keep the charade up for so long! Impressive!

Original article: Unsuspecting Victim Gives Burglar a Car Ride

Image Credit: www.media.necn.com

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