Nov 13
Trick-Or-Treater Earns Bag of Poop
13 Nov, 2018. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
Imagine this child’s surprise when he got home to check out his candy haul, only to find a big bag of poop in his bucket! Police were called and they initially thought they had more than one case to investigate. However, they changed their statement the next day to report that it was the one and only case they had heard about in the city and the bag of poop wasn’t a mean-spirited Halloween trick afterall. The police chief said he didn’t know how the poop got wrapped up and put into the kid’s Halloween bucket, but they have said…
Nov 10
A Vegan’s Mom Made Meat Sauce and it Didn’t Go Over Well
10 Nov, 2018. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
Who doesn’t love a home cooked meal by mommy dearest? Apparently not this woman in Italy, who happens to be a vegan. She got so mad that she threatened to stab her mother simply for making a traditional meat sauce in her presence! Yikes! She has now been fined $1,170 because of it! The 48-year-old daughter, who was “newly unemployed” had recently moved back home with her mom, who often cooked traditional Italian meals. She reported that she told her mom prior to moving in with her that she had been avoiding “sensory” and “olfactory contact” with animal products and…
Nov 7
David Schwimmer Has Fun With Look Alike Thief
7 Nov, 2018. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
A man was caught stealing beer from a grocery store in England, but that wasn’t the main reason it caught so much attention. The man in question looked quite familiar to David Schwimmer, aka Ross, from Friends! The cops uploaded security footage of a man who is now wanted for stealing and many of the commentators on social media pointed out that he had a striking resemblance to David Schwimmer. It crossed the ocean, where Schwimmer heard about the mistaken identity and immediately created a funny post himself to prove he wasn’t to blame. “Officers, I swear it wasn’t me.…
Nov 6
Store Owner Tells Robbers to Come Back Later… so They Did
6 Nov, 2018. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
There can’t be many robbers that could possibly be this dumb… Apparently there are in Belgium though! A group of robbers walked into a store with the intent to rob the owner. But the owner insisted that they come back at the end of the day… and so they did! When the six robbers initially entered his store to rob the owner, he spent about 15 minute befriending them and making them feel comfortable. While the robbers were trying to get physical with some pushing and shoving, the owner insisted that if they came back later in the day, they’d…
Nov 1
Sheriff Accused of Embezzling Donations Meant for School
1 Nov, 2018. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
Another crooked cop was discovered when it was uncovered that a recently appointed sheriff had allegedly embezzled about $6,000 in school supplies to support his own election campaign. That’s a great way for the public to trust who they elect into office! The new County Sheriff, Kenny David Freeman, 43, was arrested on one count of embezzlement. He apparently distributed the supplies at local events, including a local fair and a campaign booth, to garner support for his upcoming election. Freeman took charge of the donated school supplies, which were supposed to be delivered, but never reached the schools they…
Oct 29
Cops Say Man Stole 7 Right Foot Shoes and Ironic Sweater
29 Oct, 2018. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
A store in Virginia has recently had 20 right foot shoes stolen over the course of three break-ins. Who in the world only takes the right foot shoe?! Manuel Carlos Ramirez-Godoy, 21, was the culprit! He was arrested and the police seized seven right foot Nike Air Jordans, along with a sweatshirt printed with the phrase “Call My Lawyer.” How fitting. The store said that they typically keep the right-foot shoes on display, while their other halves rest safe behind the counter. So they were confused on what this thief was going to do with half of a shoe set!…
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