Bald Man Sought in Rogaine Thefts
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We swear, this isn’t a joke! Police in Ohio are on the lookout for a man who is wanted for thefts in the area. He’s not interested in expensive electronics… he only wants Rogaine. And yes… he’s bald!

According to police, there have been repeated thefts at pharmacies in the area of the popular hair loss treatment. He has even crossed the border and stolen Rogaine from pharmacies in Kentucky, too! Overall, he is believed to have stolen several thousand dollars worth of Rogaine.  

Store surveillance images have been released to help nab the suspect, but so far he has yet to be identified.  Who knows… he might be completely unrecognizable now with all of the new hair he has probably grown!

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Original article: Police Hunt Bald Guy in Rogaine Thefts

Image Credit: The Smoking Gun


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