ARRESTED: Superintendent Pooped on School Daily

When school officials continually found daily doodoo deposits by the athletic field of the school, they started to get concerned they had a serial pooper bandit on their hands. Imagine their surprise when they found out it was the school’s Superintendent!

Thomas Tramaglini, 42, ended up being the public super pooper! He was charged with “relieving himself” and was issued citations for public urination or defecation, discarding and dumping of litter, and lewdness, according to the court database.

Who does that? Especially to their own school!?

The high school staff and athletic coaches began alerting a school resource officer after they kept finding human feces around the track and football field. It got to the point where they were finding these little presents on a daily basis!

School staff, along with the school resource officer, began monitoring the area and were able to identify Tramaglini as the subject responsible for all the crap they were finding!

Obviously, this picked up a lot of steam in the local press, but Tramaglini would not comment when approached by a reporter as he was leaving his home.

Turns out he’s a little more shady than just using his school’s fields as his personal toilet. His Twitter profile, which he recently took down, also claimed that he was a professor at Rutgers University, but Rutgers officials say that it is no longer true and hasn’t been for some time.

Tramaglini also sits on the board of directors of the non-profit Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development and has requested and received a paid leave of absence from his superintendent position. Lucky for him, paid leave is a state law unless an employee is facing an indictment or tenure charge.

Colleagues have been surprised by Tramaglini’s drama, as he’s actually been “highly regarded” during his three years at the helm of the school district. Many have even jumped to his defense on social media, with comments mainly focusing on the overwhelming power of nature and stating that, “when ya gotta go, ya gotta go!”

Original article: Kenilworth School Chief Arrested, Pooped at Holmdel Tracko n a ‘Daily Basis’

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