Arrested: Man’s Own Dashboard Camera Shows Him Committing Burglary

Xavier Inocencio Moran, 25, has been accused of using a baseball bat to break into a Sally’s Beauty Supply. Once inside, he also used the bat to try and break into the safe in the store.

A few hours later, though, he managed to get himself into a car accident. He told the cops that he was cut off by another driver and could prove it by showing them his dashboard camera footage. Big mistake!

Moran quickly signed a consent waiver for the police to search the camera. What was this guy thinking?!?!

Obviously, while the police reviewed the footage, they saw Moran committing the crime just hours earlier. He was seen taking a bat from the car’s trunk and breaking the glass going into the business he broke into. He was soon arrested and taken to the local jail.

Turns out it wasn’t his first arrest that month; he was also arrested a couple weeks prior when he allegedly threatened to shoot his brother and father with an assault rifle and pistol.

That time, Moran didn’t take too kindly to being arrested. He ran from authorities and even though he was restricted by handcuffs, he jumped over a fence and tried to hide behind bushes.

Now, he’s facing two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count each of battery, resisting an officer without violence and escape. He was released from jail under court-ordered supervision.

We are curious how the accident ended up turning out…

Original article: Man’s Own Dashboard Camera Shows Him Committing Burglary
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