Alleged Theft at Cop Station Goes as Well as Expected
16 Jan, 2019. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin

If you’re going to try to steal something, do you really think stealing from a police station is your best bet? Evidently this guy thought so!

The suspect was caught red-handed by an officer as he was trying to steal a bike from outside the police department. The man approached the locked bike right outside the front doors of the police department with a pair of bolt cutters, but before he got too far in his mission, a police officer exited the building to confront him. Busted!

On top of being completely guilty, the suspect then attempted to flee! The officer pushed him against a wall and pulled out his taser to prevent the suspect from running away.

The officer, along with back-up, placed handcuffs on him and removed the hood and face mask the burglar was wearing.

It’s still unclear what charges the suspect will face, but considering it was at a police station, and was a police officer’s bike, we’re pretty sure he’s not going to get away with this one!

Original article and Image Credit: Oregon Officer Catches Man Trying to Steal Bike Outside Police Department

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