911 Called Over Halloween Display

This house went a little above and beyond decorating for Halloween! So much so, that neighbors ended up calling 911 and the house was visited by first responders!

So what was the fuss all about? One caller, Johnny Riddle, told the 911 operator that he thought he was looking at a dead body in his neighbor’s driveway!

“There is a guy laying in his driveway, with two big blood handprints on the side of the house. It looks like he is dead. I don’t know, I didn’t stop, I just went on to work.”

Officers arrive to the home of Joseph Lovergine and found the freaky display to simply be clothing stuffed with paper. The “blood” was made from hair gel and food coloring. Wait, he thought he saw a dead body and “went on to work?” Uhhh… he thought he saw a dead body and “went on to work.

Lovergine explained to officers that the display was only meant to be a joke and it was something that he put together for his upcoming Halloween party.

“I was actually going to dress up under there after everyone had been seated for awhile. When they came out to get drinks or something, I was going to pop up out of the garage door and scare everyone,” Lovergine said. “I thought it looked so real and so fun and I hope people didn’t take offense.”

The police department ended up posting an alert on Facebook to let neighbors know that it was just a Halloween display. They also were pretty impressed with the set-up and made sure to congratulate Lovergine, as well!

Original article: Halloween Display Prompts 911 Call

image credit: WJHL Green County Sheriff’s Office via CNN