Jul 31
Man Arrested for Sending Blow-Up Sex Doll into Flight Path
31 Jul, 2018. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
A blow-up doll that was tied to helium balloons got a 19-year-old in a lot of hot water recently, when he knowingly let them fly up and interrupt flight paths. Why? He was creating a film and it was just part of the plot! The man could face charges for the incident in Canada, where he was filming a music video when the sex toy drifted into the flight path of an airport close by. It was described as an adult-sized and shaped inflatable blow up doll that was tied to 10 large helium balloons. It was clear that the…
Jul 30
Woman Bites Off Woman’s Nose, Eats It
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You never know what might happen after a night of drinking but this woman took it to a whole new level! The victim, identified as Tatiana, along with her next-door neighbor, Jessica Collins, 41, recently went out in the Houston area to go to a bar. When they got home later in the evening, Collins wasn’t ready to call it a night and wanted more alcohol and cigarettes. When Tatiana asked her to leave her home so she could go to bed, things took a major turn for the worse. Collins pulled Tatiana to the ground by her hair, bit…
Jul 27
Man Goes to Extremes to Make Flight, Ends up in Jail
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Generally, if you’re going to miss your flight, it’s a major bummer but one you have to live with. Not this guy! He was worried he was going to miss his flight so he just called in a bomb threat in hopes of delaying the flight. When Dana Carter, 40, realized he was going to miss his flight, he called the airport and reported a suspicious man hanging out in the waiting area. He didn’t know, however, that the airport saw who was making the call and found out the number was registered to Carter. He wasn’t done yet, though!…
Jul 25
Suspect Attempted to Hide in Dryer in Home He Was Banned From
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This guy was trying anything and everything to avoid getting busted by the cops. Alas, it didn’t work, as the police eventually found him hiding out in the dryer. Adding to the oddness, it was a stackable dryer that was above the washing machine, making it EXTREMELY tight quarters! The police shared an image of the man on their Facebook page, where it showed just how cramped he really was. What is depicted in this body camera footage is the lengths that some suspects will go through to avoid police. Turns out they got a tip from the Domestic Violence…
Jul 23
Cops Have Easiest Car Chase Ever
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Cops were chasing a man on a stolen motorcycle when he managed to escape. The motorcycle didn’t have a proper license and police determined it was stolen. When they tried to pull him over, he fled. After Brandon Briggs, 38, fled police, the officer involved realized he recognized Briggs, so they simply went to his house and waited him out. Briggs thought that he had outsmarted the police and they called off the chase, he was simply headed right towards them. Briggs ditched the motorcycle down the road and showed up to his house on foot and saw that police…
Jul 19
Woman Drove 70 mph While Her Ex Clung to the Hood
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We all know the age-old stories of trying to exact revenge on an ex, but this may have been taking things a little too far! A woman was recently arrested after driving on an interstate at full speed, while her ex-boyfriend was, unfortunately, riding on the hood of her car. Talk about a crime of passion! Check the video out here! Patresha Isidore, 24, was arrested on a charge of crimes against a person exposing them to harm, but has since been released from jail. Her ex-boyfriend, Junior Francis, 22, said the couple had a complicated relationship and share a…
Jul 16
Man Releases Rattlesnake in Neighbor’s RV
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People are just so bizarre... we don’t even know where to start with this one! Two men, who live in RV’s next to each other, got into an argument that quickly escalated. One of them turned Texas wildlife into a potentially deadly weapon! Ryan Felton Sauter, 39, stumbled upon a rattlesnake and figured it would be the perfect way to exact revenge on his neighbor. So he removed the rattle with his own teeth (WHAT?!) so the signature warning wouldn’t be heard. He then turned it loose inside his unsuspecting neighbor’s home! Luckily nobody ended up bitten… except the snake!…
Jul 12
Driver Who Got a Parking Ticket in 1974 Pays it 44 Years Later
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Imagine the surprise of this police department when they received payment for a parking ticket… from 1974! The Police Chief, Michael Combs, said he received a letter in the mail recently, which had a return address of “Feeling Guilty, Wayward Rd, Anytown, CA.” Creative! In the letter was a parking ticket from 1974, along with cash to cover the ticket and a note. The note read, “Dear PD, I’ve been carrying this ticket around for 40 plus years. Always intending to pay. Forgive me if I don’t give you my info. With respect, Dave.” Since the ticket was given way…
Jul 9
Mom Claims Her Kids Were Kidnapped; Arrested for Meth Instead
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A woman initially claimed her two children had been kidnapped, but when police got on the scene and checked things out, she was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and false 911 calls instead. The children were found safe and sound and it turns out she was just too high to remember where they were. Oops! Brock originally called 911 to report that her two children, ages two and five, had gone missing from her car at a gas station. She said she believed a semi in the gas station that just departed had them and she was frantic that they…
Jul 5
Local Radio Host Involved in Road Rage Incident, Used Tomahawk on Other Driver
5 Jul, 2018. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
A local DJ was shot in a road rage incident recently, but was also arrested for attacking another driver with a tomahawk! Police were called to the scene for a person that was shot and found Jeff Styles, 57, suffering from a gunshot wound to his right arm. He told police that he went into “red mode” after he and another vehicle stopped at the same red light. He claimed he completely blacked out after getting his tomahawk and approached the other vehicle. The other driver, Nick Bullington, 35, called police and he told the police that him and Styles…