Apr 25
Firefighters Deal With Stoned Pet Raccoon at Fire Station
25 Apr, 2018. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
Imagine these firefighters’ surprise when they opened up their station door to find a frantic woman, desperate for help because her pet raccoon was stoned off too much weed. Evidently, the raccoon had been exposed to “too much” of someone else’s marijuana, and its owners were concerned that it was going to overdose. Not knowing what else to do, they clearly thought that taking it to the fire station was their best option! While the raccoon was very lethargic, there wasn’t really much the firefighters could do. They simply decided time was the best course of action to wait for…
Apr 20
Game Collector Finds Narcotics Stuffed in Retro Nintendo Games
20 Apr, 2018. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
A collector recently bought a chunk of retro Nintendo games at a flea market, but got way more than he bargained for! Julian Turner posted a video to YouTube which shows him checking out his flea market haul, which included multiple Nintendo games from the 1980s. As he was inspecting them, however, he noticed that a couple of the games weighed quite a bit more than he expected them to. Imagine his surprise when he opened the cartridges and found some unexpected shiny packages stuffed the inside of the games! Police opened an investigation into the discovery and were quick…
Apr 12
Arrested: Man Destroys McDonald’s Golden Arches Sign
12 Apr, 2018. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
Someone has to be REALLY mad at McDonald’s to start going nuts on the iconic golden arches sign. However, that is exactly what happened in Oregon, recently, when a guy did his best to destroy the sign when employees refused to make him 30 double cheeseburgers! Jedediah Ezekiel Fulton, 37, is now facing charges on suspicion of second-degree disorderly conduct, second-degree criminal trespass, second-degree criminal mischief and harassment. All over cheeseburgers! Fulton evidently became really upset when the employees declined to make his order. He destroyed a banner, then went for the golden arches. He also grabbed a person’s shirt,…
Apr 9
Man Taunts Cops by Doing Donuts With a Beer in Hand
9 Apr, 2018. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
We’re not sure someone could be more stupid than this man who thought it would be a good idea to taunt cops on his four-wheeler, with a beer in his hand. Police attempted to do a traffic stop on three trucks that were driving on a county maintained road. Two of the three stopped, while a third fled. The white male who was driving the third four-wheeler soon returned to the traffic stop, but starting teasing the cops by driving in circles in the middle of the road. He even started shouting, “Come and get me!” For real? Additional cops…
Apr 5
Mother is Arrested After Video Shows Baby Smoking Marijuana
5 Apr, 2018. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
We seriously don’t understand how some people are allowed to procreate! A mother in North Carolina was recently hauled into the police station after a video surfaced showing her 1-year-old daughter smoking a joint. It has received millions of views online, and we are absolutely appalled by what we saw! Police were alerted to the video by social media users who were concerned for the child’s safety, in not one but TWO videos of of the little girl smoking a joint. In one of the videos, the mother can be seen holding the joint to the girl’s lips, while she…
Apr 3
Woman Assaults Nephew After Falling on Goat
3 Apr, 2018. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
Another crazy story coming out of Florida! A woman is facing battery charges for physically assaulting her nephew after she fell on top of a goat, while being a just a little bit tipsy. Police were called to the scene and talked to a man who told them that his aunt, Jan Strickland, came inside a barn on the property to hold a goat. But because she was so drunk, she ended up falling on the goat instead. Her nephew tried to get her out of the barn, but apparently, she didn’t like that very much… shoe struck her nephew…