Nov 28
Dumb Crime: Thief Leaves Resume and Cellphone Behind, Gets Busted
28 Nov, 2017. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
A man who is already a convicted felon was busted in connection with a series of home burglaries lately. But the smoking gun? He left his resume inside one house and his cellphone inside another. That seems like the type of thing you learn what not to do in Burglary 101, correct? Erin Sullivan, 39, stole items worth more than $225,000 from a handful of homes over the last few weeks. What a haul! Sullivan was able to enter a Scottsdale house undeterred through an unlocked back door. The owner later realized about $15,000 in jewelry, along with a handgun,…
Nov 24
Man Walks Into Random House Without Pants, Wearing Heels
24 Nov, 2017. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
Someone invading your home is scary enough, but add to that a stranger with no pants and a pair of heels probably makes it even more frightening! The man walked in wearing only black high heels and a tight black t-shirt. Surprise! Justin Paul Christodoro, 39, a respectable attorney in town, no less, walked in yelling, “I’m here!” Funny enough, he didn’t even offer an explanation as to why he chose that particular house! Hours later, he was found sleeping in his car, which was parked in the driveway of another stranger’s home, still in his heels. After police woke…
Nov 22
Man Gets Four Years for Sending Strippers to Neighbors
22 Nov, 2017. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
We’ve heard our fair share of neighborly disputes, but this one takes the cake! About 30 times a year, this married couple would open their door and find women on their front porch late at night or early in the morning. They would strip, demand payment and would even try to open the front door or continuously ring the doorbell, waking the couple’s two young children. This madness went on for nearly four years! Clearly, it caused marital stress and even affected their careers. Imagine their surprise when they found out it was all plotted by a neighbor across the…
Nov 20
Man Accidentally Drops Cocaine During Court Hearing
20 Nov, 2017. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
How fitting that this man was in court for a felony drug charge, only to get in more trouble when cocaine fell out of his hat... during the hearing… in front of the judge! Juan Jose Vidrio Bibriesca, 43, was taking off his hat because he was in front of the judge. Seems polite enough to us, however, he forgot that he had a square, folded paper hiding up there that contained drugs. Whopps! Bibriesca was escorted to the county jail and charged with narcotics possession and a bond violation. He also was born in Mexico and is in the…
Nov 16
New Dad Arrested for Selling Drugs in Hospital Waiting Room
16 Nov, 2017. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
Some new dads might bring some cigars or beer to celebrate their newborn in the hospital. This Pennsylvania man, though, took things a step further and tried to sell heroin in the hospital maternity ward room, as people were there visiting his newborn daughter! Cody Hulse, 25, was busted by the cops after they stopped a car and found heroin and paraphernalia, who implicated Hulse as their source. Not only that, the occupants of the car said they had just bought the drugs from him... at the hospital! Hulse was arrested and arraigned on charges including heroin delivery and endangering…
Nov 14
Woman Riding Horse Arrested for DUI
14 Nov, 2017. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
We’ve heard about people being arrested for a DUI in cars, boats and even on bicycles… but a horse?! That’s a new one for us. However, that’s what happened to this Florida woman recently. Of course in Florida… An onlooker reported the woman on her horse as she seemed confused and was in danger of being hit. Officers showed up and charged Donna Byrne, 53, with a DUI, along with animal neglect for putting the horse in danger of being injured or killed while she was riding. When she was “pulled over,” officers noticed that she smelled of booze, had…
Nov 7
Woman Offered Tap Dancing to Cops to Get Out of DUI
7 Nov, 2017. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
We aren’t quite sure why this woman thought that a tap dance would get her out of a DUI arrest, but it clearly didn’t work! Honore Ryan, 59, was pulled over for driving with her lights off and admitted to drinking a bottle of wine. She failed a series of sobriety tests, and in a last ditch effort to get out of her predicament, she asked the officers if she wanted her to tap dance for them. Umm…. No. As if that wasn’t enough, she asked the officers to help her turn off her stereo in her car as she…
Nov 3
Man Locked in Beer Cooler Makes the Best of it
3 Nov, 2017. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
A man in Wisconsin recently decided to head into a local gas station to buy some beer. However, he ended up getting locked inside a walk in cooler and spent the night there. How did he pass his time, you may ask? By drinking the beer in the cooler, of course! The 38-year-old man was discovered around 6am the following morning by a store manager. The man explained that he was attempting to buy beer, but got locked inside around 11:50 pm the previous night. Like any good Wisconsin man, he decided to make the best of it and drink…
Nov 2
Jealous Wedding Crasher Ran into Bridesmaid’s Wrath
2 Nov, 2017. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin
A woman has been arrested after crashing a wedding, where she poured a drink on her boyfriend AND punched a woman in the face! Nothing says love like being arrested at a wedding! Shelby McDowell, 20, was mad that her boyfriend, Darby Jones, was attending a wedding that she wasn’t invited to. But she decided to show up anyway and spy on her boyfriend. Evidently, she didn’t like what she saw! She apparently saw her boyfriend dancing and kissing the victim on the dance floor and that’s when things got out of hand. Once in the bathroom, McDowell claimed several…