11-Year-Old’s “Stick Figure” Drawing Helps Cops Nab Burglar

An 11-year old girl is being hailed as a hero for doing some great detective work to help police catch a burglar who had been targeting the street that she lives on.

It all started months ago when the cops were going door-to-door to find out if anyone had any information about anyone who had been suspicious in the area lately. That’s when the 11-year-old said that she could draw a picture of the burglar and hopefully help them out.

And help them out she did!

She initially didn’t think her drawing would help much and that the cops would probably just throw it away. But they took her drawing very seriously!

They superimposed the picture and matched it up with a picture of the suspect, which ultimately helped catch him! The suspect has now confessed to 10 burglaries in the area including a break-in that occurred at the girl’s home.

Not only did the drawing help the cops capture the suspect, but it also helped to recover some of the stolen items that burglar nabbed.

Great job! Looks like this little girl may be part of the next generation of detectives!

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Original article and image credit: Stratford Girl Honored After Stick Figure Sketch Helps Police Nab Suspect


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