Sneaky Troopers Create Disguise to Nab Speeders
28 Aug, 2017. 0 Comments. . Posted By: admin

Drivers on a Pennsylvania road got quite the surprise when they drove past what appeared to be a Department of Transportation worker, but was actually a state trooper monitoring their speed!

The cops claim 25 people were cited and four others were given warnings as a result of their sneak attack.

It was all a part of a new idea called Operation Yellow Jacket, a partnership between the state police and PennDOT. State police officers are stationed on the side of the road in a PennDOT truck wearing a construction hard hat and clothing, all in an effort to catch people speeding.

Apparently, it really works!

A spokesman for the Department of Transportation loves the new collaboration, as it allows speed enforcement in areas where it may be hard to fit in a police vehicle. And it helps to make drivers aware of speed in construction zones!

Once a driver is busted for speeding, the trooper dressed as a construction worker will radio to other troopers stationed up the road, who will than pull over the offending vehicle in a marked police car.

So the next time you’re driving through a construction zone, think twice about whether or not it’s actually a cop!   

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Original article: Troopers in Disguise Nab Speeders on Route 66

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