School Bus Stolen, High Speed Chase Pursues
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It’s not everyday that you see a bus being stolen and taken on a big chase through two counties! It was like a scene out of “Speed!”

A bus was stolen from the home of a bus driver during an early-morning run of burglaries in a neighborhood. Authorities later received a phone call from a citizen who was following the stolen bus, but the citizen was told to stop following the bus for safety reasons.

Authorities attempted to stop the bus on a local interstate, but the driver refused to stop and a pursuit ensued. Soon, multiple law enforcement agencies were chasing the bus that Brandon Peckinpaugh, 24, was driving.  Police soon came into contact with the bus after that and knew that it was stolen by a white male suspect. No children were on board.

The driver led law enforcement through two counties, while also hitting one State Trooper vehicle and attempting to hit several other law enforcement vehicles that were chasing the bus.

The bus was finally stopped, but not before Peckinpaugh threw a handgun out of the school bus window. He was quickly taken into custody without additional incidents.  He had quite an interesting reason for being on the run. Turns out his friends had left him and he just needed a ride! Ya, right.

Peckinpaugh was booked in jail and charged with attempting to elude law enforcement, reckless endangerment and resisting arrest. His bail bond was set at $15,000. In the other county that he was chased through, he was charged with five felonies: first-degree theft of property, two counts of unlawful breaking and entering of a vehicle, and two counts of theft of second-degree theft of property. Apparently he broke into two vehicle before stealing the bus and stole a gun from each vehicle.

There is also expected to be an attempted murder warrant against him for running into the State Trooper vehicle.

So far, Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves have yet to comment.

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Original Post: Stolen School Bus Prompts Chase Through Two Counties; Driver Throws Gun Out of the Window

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