Monkey Climbs into Hotel Room with Family, Steals Snacks
8 May, 2018. 0 Comments. . Posted By: admin

A family from Canada was vacationing in Costa Rica when they got an up close and personal experience with a bold little monkey! This fury Costa Rican monkey climbed right into their hotel room and got his hands on some snacks before running back outside!

It’s almost too far-fetched to believe, but the family actually captured the whole thing on video! The family was watching monkeys from their hotel balcony when one of them made themselves at home.

The family got quite a kick out of it and laughed as the monkey ran out and swung to a nearby tree to eat the snacks. A second monkey wanted in on the action and showed up at the balcony, looking for some free hand-outs, as well! “We don’t have anymore! Your friend took them all,” the family laughed as the second monkey left, empty-handed.

Original article: Monkey Climbs Into Family’s Hotel Room, Steals Snacks

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