Man Continued to Collect Wife’s Social Security After Death By Hiding Body in Freezer
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In one of the more disturbing and bizarre stories we’ve seen lately, authorities in Florida recently discovered that a man had hid his wife’s body in the freezer so he could continue collecting her Social Security benefits. Even more disturbing? The wife died back in 2002!

Clearly someone is going to have to pay, and in this case, it looks like it is the couple’s children. The man has since died, which is when the body of his late wife was discovered. He collected Social Security benefits for 9 years and nobody was the wiser!

His heirs have now agreed to repay the government for the money that he took by selling his condo in a retirement community. They then took the proceeds and paid $15,743 to the Social Security Administration.

What a blow to these heirs! First their mom dies, then their dad and then they get this blow. Authorities learned that the wife’s body was in the freezer for all that time and instead of working through wills and inheritances, they now had to waive their right to inherit the condo, just so they could pay off their dad’s illegal social security tab.

So what is in your parents’ freezer?  

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Original article: Man Hid Wife’s Body in Freezer to Collect Social Security

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