Man Arrested for Sending Blow-Up Sex Doll into Flight Path
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A blow-up doll that was tied to helium balloons got a 19-year-old in a lot of hot water recently, when he knowingly let them fly up and interrupt flight paths. Why? He was creating a film and it was just part of the plot!

The man could face charges for the incident in Canada, where he was filming a music video when the sex toy drifted into the flight path of an airport close by.

It was described as an adult-sized and shaped inflatable blow up doll that was tied to 10 large helium balloons. It was clear that the release of the balloons posed a hazard to planes that were entering or leaving the airspace around where the balloons were released.

An onlooker caught the whole thing on video and posted it to YouTube. YouTube prankster, BrodieTV, soon claimed responsibility for the incident on Twitter and didn’t seem remorseful at all.

“I’m going to court in September on a charge of mischief for letting a sex doll that was strapped to a few balloons fly away. Just wanted to let everyone know that you must have no fun.”

He also let everyone know he still has plans to post the video to his channel, which has 5,400 subscribers, sometime after things blow over.

After his arrest, he was later released pending the investigation.

Original article: Man Arrested for Letting Blow-Up Doll Drift Into Flight Path

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