Guy Fled Accident… With Fire Hydrant
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If you’re going to run away from an accident you’re involved in, make sure you don’t take part of the evidence with you!

Thanks to a fluid trail, along with a broken yellow fire hydrant, the cops quickly found the driver responsible for a recent hit-and-run.

Domingo Moreno, 27, is now facing criminal mischief, tampering with evidence and other charges after he crashed his car into a mailbox and fire hydrant. Little did he know that he took the hydrant with him when he fled the scene!

When the cops responded to the scene of the accident, they soon realized that the fire hydrant was missing. They were able to easily follow a fluid trail from the crash site to a residence nearby, where they found the car and fire hydrant lying among garbage cans. Whoops!

Moreno was then placed under arrest.

In addition to his original charges, he also faces hindering apprehension, failure to report an accident, unlicensed driver, careless driving, reckless driving and failure to maintain his lane.

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Original article: Cops Say Hit-and-Run Driver Fled With Hydrant Stuck to His Car

Image Credit: James Gibbar/Tulsa World via AP

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