Out of Gas and Out of Luck, Truck Thief Gives Up at Truck Stop
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When a West Virginia man ran out of gas after stealing a truck, he quickly ran out of luck, as well. He decided to minimize the damage and turn himself in to an off-duty police officer.

Robert Lee Starkey, Jr. stole a truck and shotgun from his girlfriend’s uncle in Pennsylvania. The couple then drove together to a friend’s house near Cincinnati where Starkey dropped off the girlfriend and her two kids, then headed toward Indianapolis.

He was soon low on gas and pulled into a Truck Stop to try to sell the gun for gas money. But instead of making money he ended up locking the keys in the truck. Some thieves just don’t have the luck. Feeling defeated, he found an off-duty police officer parked at the truck stop and surrendered. Talk about an easy bust!

Police came and arrested Starkey on Felony Grand Theft and took him to jail. No word what state he is currently in.  

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Original article: Out of Gas and Locked Out, Confessed Truck Thief Gives Up at Truck Stop

Image Credit: Image provided by Shelby County Jail

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