Oct 13
Shoplifter Eats Corn Dog and Drinks Beer While Stealing From Walmart
13 Oct, 2017. 0 Comments. . Posted By: admin
Evidently shoplifting from Walmart makes you pretty dang hungry and thirsty. So why not have a corn dog and wash it down with a beer while you’re walking through the store? That’s what happened in Kentucky recently, where David Pethel, 55, loaded his cart with items worth approximately $250 before trying to leave without paying. Store employees called the cops after witnessing his suspicious actions. Police responded and promptly arrested Pethel with one count of theft by unlawful taking. He was taken to the local jail, where we’re sure beer and corn dogs were not on the menu. And to…
Oct 11
Burglar Cooks Himself Meal in Restaurant, Cleans Up
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This burglar decided he was going to treat himself to a nice meal in the middle of robbing a New York state restaurant. Hey, you gotta eat! Security cameras caught the burglar preparing himself a meal, as well as cleaning up after himself. What manners! The cameras caught him in action as he donned gloves in the kitchen and cooked food like an old pro. “He was working the pot like a pro. He was sifting the food, shaking it around. Making sure it was heated evenly, distributed evenly,” the restaurant’s manager said. “The dude has some skills,” he continued.…
Oct 10
Raccoon Goes on Police Ride-Along
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A raccoon had no shame in catching a ride on a moving police car recently in Colorado! The critter jumped onto a Colorado Spring’s cop car and made it’s way to the windshield, as the police officer was headed to the scene of a serious car crash. Christopher Frabbiele, the police officer, was “pawsitively surprised” by his unexpected passenger, according to the department’s Facebook page. Frabbiele found a safe place to quickly pull over to snap some pictures of the critter on his windshield. We’re thinking it looks like the raccoon was a little started, as well! The little critter…
Oct 9
Couple Admits Fleecing Amazon Out of $1.2 Million
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This couple from Indianapolis pulled the ultimate scam and admitted to stealing more than $1.2 million in various items from the online retail giant, Amazon! Erin Joseph Finan, 38, and Leah Jeanette Finan, 37, have pleaded guilty to mail fraud and money laundering. Both charges carry maximum 20-year prison terms and $500,000 fines. They also will waive their right to appeal if they are sentenced to less than seven years and three months in jail. Additionally they will be ordered to pay Amazon $1,218,504 in restitution. That might take awhile! So how exactly did they get away with this for…
Oct 6
Man Dies in Motorcycle Hit-and-Run Accident, Raises Awareness About Helmet Safety
6 Oct, 2017. 0 Comments. . Posted By: admin
It is with a heavy heart that we announce that one of our clients has passed away. He was a very sweet young man with a very loving family. We send our deepest condolences to his wife and family; we are so sorry for your loss. We would like to bring awareness of the importance of wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle. It does save lives! We can only hope that with the loss of this man that another life may be saved by wearing a helmet. Lisa Lara, the wife of the…
Oct 3
911 Called Over Halloween Display
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This house went a little above and beyond decorating for Halloween! So much so, that neighbors ended up calling 911 and the house was visited by first responders! So what was the fuss all about? One caller, Johnny Riddle, told the 911 operator that he thought he was looking at a dead body in his neighbor’s driveway! “There is a guy laying in his driveway, with two big blood handprints on the side of the house. It looks like he is dead. I don’t know, I didn’t stop, I just went on to work.” Officers arrive to the home of…
Oct 1
Restaurant Robbed at Gun Point by Coke Bottle
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Here is something you don’t see every day! How often does someone rob a restaurant dressed as a Coca-Cola bottle?! We would guess not that often... The suspect went into a closed restaurant just before 7AM, held up the manager, who was the only one on staff at the time, and stole over $500. Luckily, the manager wasn’t injured during the robbery. The robber was described as a white man who fled the crime scene in a gray minivan, which was driven by another white man. And yes… he was dressed as a Coca-Cola bottle! The outfit may have been…
Sep 24
Family in Colorado Dealing With a “Mad Pooper”
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It’s safe to say that this runner continues to come in “turd” place! A Colorado Springs family has been spending weeks trying to get to the bottom of “The Mad Pooper” mystery! A woman keeps defecating right outside their house on her morning run! Just. So. Wrong. Turns out the kids in the family caught the runner in her first squat, pants down, going about her business! “They are like, ‘There’s a lady taking a poop!’ So I come outside and I’m like, ‘are you serious?’” Cathy Budde said. “Are you really taking a poop right here in front of…
Sep 20
Florida Men Tried to Steal a Huge Utility Pole After Hurricane Irma
20 Sep, 2017. 0 Comments. . Posted By: admin
We all heard about the unfortunate looting that happened after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. But these two Florida men may have taken the cake after Hurricane Irma. Cops arrested two men for attempting to steal… a utility pole! They strapped it to the top of their SUV and were just about ready to leave when the police stopped them to see just exactly what they were doing. It figures they never did give a good answer for wanting to strap this pole to the roof of their vehicle! The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office posted about the incident on Facebook, which quickly…
Sep 20
Suspect in Gas Station Robbery Forgot One Important Item
20 Sep, 2017. 0 Comments. . Posted By: admin
You would think that if you’re going to go to the trouble of robbing a gas station, you might want to make sure you have gas in the getaway car! But this guy didn’t, which got him busted pretty quick. Sean Harris, 33, didn’t only forget to fill his car up with gas before he decided to rob a gas station, he also did it drunk. None of this sounds like a good combination to commit a successful crime. Harris is now being held in jail without bail and has a felony robbery charge. When he began his day of…