Mar 15
Toddler’s Request for Movie Popcorn Ends in Charges
15 Mar, 2018. 0 Comments. . Posted By: admin
Nothing says father/daughter bonding more than dumping a container of popcorn over the head of an innocent 2-year-old during a movie! What a role model! Keri Karman, 25, and her dad Charles Karman, 61, were taken into custody and charged with endangering the welfare of a child in the bizarre cinema incident. Keri Karman became quite foul-mouthed in the movie theater after a stranger’s chatty 2-year-old wouldn’t be quiet during the movie, which happened to be an animated kids movie. The small child asked her mom for some popcorn after spotting the Karman’s sharing a large tub, which, for whatever…
Mar 12
Driver Runs Over Himself While Fleeing From Cops
12 Mar, 2018. 0 Comments. . Posted By: admin
A man from Virginia is being charged with driving while intoxicated and possession of marijuana. While those are serious charges, how those charges came about is what has us laughing. Isaac Bonsu, 30, was pulled over by cops, but he was not going to go quietly! Before stopping his car, he got out to make a run for it! However, he made the worst  move possible and cut in front of his car, causing it to run over him. Bonsu got up and made a run for it,…
Mar 7
Men Entangled with Mannequin & Toy Car Rescued by Police
7 Mar, 2018. 0 Comments. . Posted By: admin
In a strange story out of Germany, the police freed two men who accidentally became tangled up with a mannequin and a large remote controlled car. The two men were crying from their apartment window in the early hours of the morning, when officers who were close by heard their pleas for help. What the cops found was quite a sight! A 58-year-old tenant and a 61-year-old visitor were “hopelessly locked together” with the toy car and mannequin, which was dressed in a knight’s costume. You can’t make this stuff up, folks! Unfortunately, the two guys were too drunk to…
Mar 4
Driver Arrested After Crashing Truck While Having Sex and High on Meth
4 Mar, 2018. 0 Comments. . Posted By: admin
Talk about going for a wild ride! A truck driver recently was arrested at the JFK Airport on Saturday for crashing his vehicle. But the cops definitely got more than they bargained for when they went in for the arrest. Aside from the crash, the driver was having sex, while driving, and high on crystal meth and made a run for it on foot. Stephen Walker, 38, told the cops that he was “caught in the act” with another man in the back of his box truck by the man’s ex-boyfriend. Walker became startled because of it, and crashed his…
Feb 28
Wealthy Woman Claims Driveway is Too Long; Asks Drunk Driving Ban be Lifted
28 Feb, 2018. 0 Comments. . Posted By: admin
Leave it to a rich woman in Europe to try to work her way around the law… like lifitng a ban to be able to drink all she wants and drive! She is currently facing a drunk-driving ban, but claims her driveway is too long to reasonably be expected to not actually drive down it with her car. Talk about first world problems! As expected, there was laughter in court when Barbara Woodward, 56, had her lawyer insist she would struggle to continually walk the quarter of a mile from her house to the main road to get a ride.…
Feb 26
Woman Poops Pants in Order to Hide Drugs & Avoid Arrest
26 Feb, 2018. 0 Comments. . Posted By: admin
This is one you don’t hear everyday… A Texas woman recently tried to hide evidence during an arrest by pooping her pants. The purpose? To conceal the drugs by using her feces. Well, that’s one way to go about it! Police were investigating a report of a theft at a grocery store when they had to subdue a female suspect to take her into custody. Shannen Martin wasn’t going to go quietly, though! The cops placed her in the back of a police cruiser where they claimed she intentionally defecated in her pants in order to hide a crack pipe,…
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